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Bagatelle is inspired by the idea of creating high-fashion clothes that stand out for the originality of design for high quality workmanship and fabrics, the creations that can adequately represent the Italian style on the international market. Bagatelle is an example of a company that managed to turn its dreams into ideas and the ideas into reality.

A fashion workshop was born in 1983, a small entrepreneurial Neapolitan miracle. The formula of the success has as ingredients the precious professional and tailoring patrimony of Antonio de Angelis, got from his daughter Grazia who, together with her husband Lucio, creates the company Bagatelle.

To the tailor tradition of Ms. Grazia joints her husband’s business sense making possible the birth and growth of the company.

The idea, born fr om the deep conviction of being able to contribute to the evolution of the world fashion, was to create fashionable women dresses full of originality to export the Italian style all over the world.
With Bagatelle, Mrs. Grazia de Angelis and Lucio D’Angelo transformed their own thoughts in ideas and their own ideas in reality.

Nowadays, Bagatelle dresses are requested from Mediaset network, wear from models and announcers and they are present in the most important show of the field.

From Napoli centre, Bagatelle distributes their own collections to more than a thousand customers in Italy, Europe, Arabic Countries, Russia, North Africa, America, Canada, Mexico.